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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

I think Mari7 or Gerr would have the most complete list, but what I know of (that remains to be tabbed) is:

Like An Angel
Nice (live)
The Valley
Skin Divers
TheDude [staff]
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the fact that that list is so short is a true testament to your awesomeness. that goes to everyone who's contributed to this thread.
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The list is correct, I checked Sid
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There are no tab for Skin Divers, Sid.
Ok, Ezzo. I feel your pain! I will try to work on this song for you. cheers.

Greetings to Furio and Vesuvio.

Hugorj, do you like this song, Skin Divers? Could you work on it?
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Furio is a tribute to my uncle, who is a musician and encouraged me to learn to play bass even me not being a kid anymore. Vesuvio already had that name. It was a friend who gave this bass to me by testament…
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Do you know?

did you know i want mari to come back?!
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I am relatively new in bigbass, but from what I've read Mari7 is an important and regular member. It's hard to find a female bass player (and beautifull)!
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Gerr, I agree with JT Top 1! (but I respect others opinions)

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