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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

Someone here, Duran Duran Fan? bassm99? icehouse1? softcell62?, plays an Aria SB1000. Hopefully, that person will give you an answer based on actually playing one. That said, JT certainly seemed to have liked his.
I mostly associate John with the Aria
Sid, my verse interpretation: Tabs: G|-------3-3-------------5-5------------| D|---5-3----3-------7--5----5-----------| A|------------6---------------8---------| E|3-------------3-5------------5--------| What do you think?

Hey Hugorj,
I played your melody along with the song (Land) finally. Sorry it has taken so long to find the time.

I think your verse is OK, but I don't think it is what JT plays on the song. Still, perhaps you should make a tab for Land, a second interpretation. Cheers.

Edit: sorry for the bad formatting in the quote. tabs don't format right when the posting is quoted, apparently.
johnny [staff]
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I will fix this
Someone to do Playing with Uranium? Cheers

Has this tab appeared yet? I think someone said they would do it.

Is anyone working on Like An Angel?
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Hi Sid, someone said it would do this, but didn't..

Playing with Uranium and Like an Angel needs to tab!
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Do you'll work on this tab, Sid?
Hi Mari7,
I'm still very busy with work…having a hard time getting much free time. Plus I got a bad cold yesterday!

I will try to work on these but it will be slow. I can only manage a few hours per week at best right now. I will try to figure out sections (e.g. intro, verse) and post them for you to check. Cheers to you, Uptown Girl.
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Good Sid and Mari!! Thank you to keep the topic alive
Just bringing the list forward so I don't have trudge back to find it

Updating…(with your permission Gerr)Duran Duran - Breath after Breath (a better version than the link)Duran Duran - ChainsDuran Duran - Eletric BarbarellaDuran Duran - LandDuran Duran - The ValleyDuran Duran - Playing With UraniumDuran Duran - Like an Angel

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