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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

It was horrible?
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Hi Sidsquishus, how are you?

I touched your two melodies. It was brilliant! You have a great interpretation.

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The rest of the song appears to be difficult..

I'll wait for you to make this tab !!!! If you need help tell me
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Good job!!
Thanks. I may not be able to work on the verse for several days so you will have a bit of a wait, I'm afraid.

You should have a go at the verse; it builds on the intro riff.

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I'm not as good as you..
Posts: 330
I'm looking forward to the rest
I'll bet you are better than you think and better than I was once. Like playing, tabbing gets easier and better with practice. Here's some info I posted on another thread here on Big Bass Tabs that you might be interested in. (I have made a few edits to make it clearer.)

I've been using Audacity (freeware from SourceForge.net for sound editing) to help with figuring out a bass line for about two years now. For me, it has really helped in two ways: I can slow down a song without changing pitch (using Change Tempo under the Effects tab) and I can make the bass line more easily heard (using the Low Pass Filter under the Effects tab). In fast passages with lots of notes, being able to slow the song down has allowed me to figure out the notes much, much faster (and more correctly), and attenuating the frequencies above what the bass produces makes the bass line stand out. There are more things you can do to get better or faster at figuring out a bass line: develop a bit of understanding of musical theory (scales, relationship among scales, common ear-pleasing intervals); research the song (have a look at other tabs for the song if there are any - helpful even if only part of the song or partially correct); and especially, check for sheet music. For some songs, you can have a free look on- line at the first page of the sheet music, from which you can learn what scale the song is (careful here - often different versions in different keys) in as well as timing signature, what notes are played, and how they are arranged in measures. Starting from scratch, when there is no sheet music or tab to work from, this is the part (figuring out what key the song is in, the timing signature, and division into measures) that really eats a chunk of time, at least for me. Another thing that is sometimes helpful (but not always) is letting your tuner 'listen' to the song. It can help in figuring out what is being played.

If you have any questions about this, I will try to help. You'll learn from, and get better at it, with each attempt to tab something.

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How are you boys? You will finish the tab?
Here's the verse:


you repeat the first four bars three times, then play the last four bars.

Chorus has two parts. As I get them, I'll post them.

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