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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

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When I try to tab, I've difficult on compare guitar chords with bass tab. I think the bass lines are different (with ME don't work). I believe this varies according to the band (depends on the composition melodic)
no no… for slower songs play the guitar tab on the bass ( if its only on 4 strings or you have a 6 string bass) and it will give you a general idea of the sounds. it may not be exact but usually the bassline is something going along with the guitar or complimenting it. so it may help you learn it. then just try a fret or two off here n there to get the right sound for the bass.. time n patience lol
Hugorj, I have had better luck with the tabs of guitar chords than you have. The guitar chord/root note will last a full measure (all four counts for example) while the lead guitar or keyboards or bass play that root note plus more notes that harmonize well with the root note in that same four counts (same measure).

In the Girl Panic! guitar chords tab, I found the chords/root notes to agree very well with the song once I figured out that they lasted a full two measures, not just just one measure. Maybe you are changing from one root note to the next too soon? Usually, the chord tabs show the position of the chords over the lyric to help see where the chord changes occur.
Mari7, you are right that John Taylor was not with Duran Duran when they recorded Pop Trash Movie. Also, the song is not written by Duran Duran - it is a cover of a song by another of your favorites: Blondie.

Maybe you have time to use the guitar chord tab (see above) and see if these are the correct root notes for Pop Trash Movie? Cheers.
lol mari you are so far the most adoreable person here

But you said you loved ME, slamingerrrrr! Oh, my heart is breaking!
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That was a big surprise for me. I did not know this song was of Blondie. Do you know which the Blondie album this song is?
sadly for pop trash movie i can only find piano or guitar lol.
Here you go, Mari7.
Pop Trash Movie was written by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo of Duran Duran for Blondie - it was for a 1996 Blondie reunion album that Rhodes had a part in producing. The three tracks by Rhodes and Cuccurullo written for Blondie were not included on the Blondie album. This info from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Rhodes). See the record production section.

There is also audio on YouTube of the Blondie recording of the song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl89OfEttwE).
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I also did not know that. This song is very good in the beautiful voice of Deborah Harry.
Sid, you know which songs were written by Duran Duran and recorded by Blondie? I want to hear all.
Nick Rhodes is a great composer and the best synthman
Duran Duran opened some Blondie shows in 1981
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I need to organise Girl Panic! tab. It's ready

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