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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

sweet! im excited to check it out

a bass lesson for the valley, i noticed it in the request list.
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Slamingerrrr, thanks! I saw this video but I did not like the version. I wanted to play this song without the synthesizer
ah :p
Hugorj, good work on Girl Panic! Excellent news that you are ready to submit it. I'm looking forward to it.

Mari7, Gerr, I see that you have both put Pop Trash Movie on the request list. I think you should try to tab it! Check the tab for the guitar chords - if it is good, it will be fast and easy to make a bass tab for the song. The more I listen to the song, the more I like it!
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Sid you have the name of the songs that I asked you in the previous message?
Bonjour Hugorj,
No, sorry, I don't know the songs. All I know is what the Nick Rhodes wikipedia entry said. Maybe if look at all the Blondie songs on YouTube with the same St. Avelyn Mix tag, then research the history of each of those songs, maybe you find them.

Or you could even try sending Nick Rhodes an email, if you find an address for him. I have contacted musicians (e.g. Knox and Pat Collier of the Vibrators) to ask for sheet music or tabs, and have always gotten either a helpful reply, or no reply. Can't hurt to try!
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Must be an almost impossible task to get some contact with Nick Rhodes. Any suggestions to achieve this?

John Taylor could send the tabs to facilitate our work here (I suspect that you might be him Sid hehehe)
Would be so cool if John Taylor supplied his tabs!
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Could we get some contact with him. If we all did a joint application would have more chances

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