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Duran Duran Bass Tabs

I have a tab for The Man Who Stole A Leopard ready for checking, but I'm going to submit it rather than try to put pieces of it up in this thread. It is quite long, with the differences between repetitions of the verse, etc., primarily being rhythmic instead of differences in notes played. So I'll submit the whole thing and you can find it in the New Bass Tabs. Comments and corrections welcome. If it needs fixing, I'm sure Johnny wouldn't mind deleting this first version.

Some things to note: in the song, the bass line is played by both keyboards (alone at the beginning of the song) and Mr. Taylor's string bass. Sorting them out, when John does interesting things, is difficult. Consequently, the tab does not reflect everything that John does.

Second thing is that I have tabbed it for a 5-string bass. I did this because in the opening verse and chorus, when the bass line is played only by keyboards, the bass line drops to a low D (B3 position) and a low Eb (at B4). A 5-string allows these to be played. To play the first verse and chorus on a 4-string, play a D at A5 (instead of the B3 D) and an Eb at A6 (instead of B4). You'll be an octave up, but it sounds fine.

The rest of the tab, after John comes in on his bass, uses only the EADG strings of a 4-string bass.

Last thing is that you'll notice that the measures look longer starting with the chorus following verse 2. They aren't, but because more notes start getting thrown in, I used a bigger space. The plus marks show the timing and you can see that there are still just the four counts per measure.

If you are working on hammering onto one note from another, this song/tab will help you with practicing that!
johnny [staff]
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Here's the tab:


The ability to edit your tabs will be available soon, I promise. In the meantime just resubmit and I'll change the first one.
Nice work as usual Sid, very much appreciated!!!
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I agree, great work Sid !
Thanks guys!

And thanks for rating the tab. It looks like it may not need any revisions. I would like that! I had to step away from this one for several days before I could complete it.

I am not a great Duran Duran fan - I liked three songs off their debut album, but that is about the extent of it. What had initially started here as an attempt to help Hugorj and Gerr to learn to play Mediterranea expanded into a much bigger project. I found it a bit hard to stay motivated to complete this one. One more to go! I told Mari7 I would try to tab Too Late Marlene.

I like this community of aspiring bassists (myself included), and am willing to make an effort to help people learn to play a song they like, if I can help. But I am looking forward to getting back some of the songs I want to tab for myself!
Hi Sid, it's really impressive that despite not being a big Duran Duran fan you still managed to find time to tab some of their songs.
It's great that you like to help but I think you can get bogged down with too many requests & repeated requests for help when you clearly have enough songs of your own that you would like to work on.
I hope you get back on track working on your tabs.
I think the intro/chorus of Girl Panic! goes something like this:


The higher notes are pops, but I don't slap well so I am just playing them.

The tab of the guitar chords I mentioned in an earlier post seems to be good. I think the chords are right so that should help a lot with figuring out the song. I think the song is in the key of F# minor (F# G# A B C# D E F#) which, if correct, would mean that most of the notes in the bass line will come from this scale.

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Hello to all!
I was traveling and I came across a great surprize of Sid: The Man who Stole a Leopard on tab.
This topic is unique on internet, great work of all that contribute and like Duran Duran songs. Especially my friend Sid (this guy is very nice! Sid has the true spirit of music!).
I'll examine Girl Panic today!

Thank you Hugorj. Let me know what you think of the Leopard tab, and also the intro/chorus for Girl Panic!

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Sid, your version of The Man Who Stole a Leopard is very nice. I'm playing it now.Is similar to the album version. I played the other way because my bass has four strings

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