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80's Music

You're very welcome! cheers
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YAY! Another 80's song added to the list in the way of Eurythmics & a Duran Duran 90's song, many thanks bassm99 MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASE!!!!!
I agree jt4ever! There are now 7 bass tabs from Eurythmics Sweet Dreams album, 6 tabbed by bassm99. Many, many thanks & much appreciated.
Yes, thank you bassm99. I'm looking forward to the entire Sweet Dreams album.
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Hey bassm99! No Eurythmics bass tab this week? Only Kidding
I checked out The Comsat Angels as I wasn't aware of them back in the 80's. I didn't like everything I heard but I adore I'm Falling. I can't believe I missed out on such a cracking song for all these years. Thanks for the tab bassm99 & drawing my attention to something new
Thanks for the ABC tabs bassm99, about time we got some tabs for this wonderful band.
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what we realy need is electric wizard. they have some fun songs to play on a 4 or 6 string
Latex Sex
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Electric Wizard are a doom metal band from Dorset, England. The band formed in 1993. It's a pity they were not an 80's band like the thread we're in
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You're so funny Latex! Many thanks to bassm99 & Lon for the ABC & Prince tabs! Keep the 80's alive

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