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Weather Report — Cucumber Slumber bass tabs

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Song: Cucumber Slumber
Band: Weather Report
Album: Mysterious Traveller (original recording), others
Bassist: Alphonso Johnson (original recording bassist), Jaco Pastorius
Tabbed by: Sak

Note: This song has multiple versions. This tab contains the opening

from one of the later live versions of this song with Jaco Pastorius

on bass. However, the main bass part is taken from the original

recording with Alphonso Johnson on bass.


h = hammer—on
~ = let ring
/ = slide
x = mute
U = undefined or a varying note.

Intro (not sure about this one):


Main Riff:

E|—12————————————————|12120————————————————————| [repeat this or

similar pattern until the end of Cucumber Slumber Jam]

Note: "U" is usually around A—12, but don't focus on it or you'll make

it sound too uptight. The slide is the important thing.

This song is really cool, I suggest you check it out.


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