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looking for songs to learn

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12 months ago
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i am new to the bass and i have a 5 string tuned normal BEADG and i was wondering if you guys had any song suggestions with links to the best tabs for that song cause im having a hard time finding easy songs for beginners then moving up to harder and they can be 5 stringed tabs and if there are any hints or tips you have for me would be very appreciated thanks so much guys
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Welcome to BBT, what music are you into
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Also if you go to page 2 of the forum there's a post called ‘super easy songs’ with lots of replies, you're bound to find something there
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There are TONS of these threads. Just search it on the search bar in the forum
ok guys will do and marko i will play anything i just wanna learn how to play and i heard listening to the music and playing tabs is something to do

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