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Dannybassman! USAF band looking for a bass player.

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Hey Danny,
A post on Talkbass says the Air Force band is recruiting for a bass player.


Contact info for the person you would want talk to (in case the link above doesn't work) is 402-294-0501. I don't have a name; poster's username is Air Force Bands.

I looked at the link to the Heartland bands site but it isn't so helpful without digging round. Best thing is to call.

I think you should call this person and maybe you can make something happen. (How many have opened for RHCP?) If you leave getting into the AF band in the hands of the recruiters you have talked with, I don't know that they are looking out for your best interests.

Good luck!
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DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Sid… thanks for being so cool to tell me this. It's more than an honor for me to do so. But I haven't even started boot camp yet I'm taking the exam next week.

But even if I don't make it in time thanks sid its good to know there's someone as cool as you here on this wonderful Bigbasstabs Family
Danny, they are looking for a bass player from outside the AF - means you don't have to be in already, have finished boot camp….if you wait until after you have taken the exam, finished boot camp…someone else will have the job.

If you call the guy now, you might be able to get things lined out to where you can step into the bassist job straight out of boot camp, rather than have some other job until there is another opening for a bassist.

I really think you should call him now. It can't hurt. Might help.
give it a shot danny
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
Oh yeah I'm currently on that I'm going to talk to my AF recruiter tomorrow so I can apply for the spot and join, off course if they let me, but if they do I'd be more than just honored I'd be more than humble and greatful for the shot at it

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