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Does anybody know anything about this bass?

Thanks Chuck. I've decided not to sell my Tbird. It's one of the only basses that makes me happy
in my humble opinion, there is the bass that means the most to you that you have and you can never give it up.
I would never give up my Epiphone Nikki Sixx for anything. its that personal to me so i understand dude
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As the father of two teenagers its my Mrs that goes ninja in these situations and sounds like you owe your mother big time for the rescue
Go mum
wahooooooo MUM OF LINKIN

I agree with Twiggy, I has a TBC 5 string that my jackass of a biological father got me for Christmas when I was 16. Never tried to get a hold of me, then boom, 16 years without contact and he gets me a bass. Anyway, it was used and abused when I got it. It isn't the greatest bass by any means, but that thing means more to me than my car does, because I've achieved so many personal music mile stones with that bass, and therefore, could never get rid of it. It currently sits in it's case in my room, un-used, but not forgotten.
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Yep Marko, that's what ALL of the 14 year olds are doing these days. Booting down doors. Lol
They are round here
Marko I live in the ghetto but you must live in the extreme ghetto if that's goin on. I bet you're in Compton
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I live in England, and the law was virtually powerless against young offenders, the best they could do was introduce the Anti Social Behaviour Order but the ASBO became a badge of honour for kids as young as ten and getting one was essential no matter what the crime. If you've ever seen the Michael Caine film, ‘Harry Brown’ you'll find that this is chillingly close to the truth, it's a good film and highly recommended
Some things are more personal to a musician that anything else.

I have seen Harry Brown with Michael Cain and it is a great film.
Michael Cain kicks so much ass in that movie

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