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Who? or what band? is your reason for being a Bassist?

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Where did it all begin?
My old speed metal band forcing me to be a bassist. Hated it for a good month
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I was the singer of my band. So I started playing bass with a former boyfriend, and enjoyed it. As the bassist in my band had a very beautiful voice, I swapped with her. I turned the bassist and she turned the singer. This happened 12 years ago
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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3 years ago i started playing bass with a group of friends we were calle artificially flavored back then , and after that i played in church, music conservatories and in a year i started givinh classes there and teaching: piano bass drums guitar handbells an how to reach music.

and the reason for why i started was because of my cousin, if he could do it than why not give it try, and RHCP off course
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Nice Danny, you are a talented musician
LoudLon [moderator]
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Well, I started off as a drummer while in the Army. Used to go to my base's entertainment/rec center and spend hours in one of the many sound-proofed drum rooms. Didn't have a set after I got out and was itching to pick up something new so I decided to try bass. No big reason that I can remember, no specific band or artist. It just appealed to me. I'll assume at this point that it was just a natural progression from being a drummer, considering drums are about rhythm and anchoring a song, much like bass.
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The Police, Synchronicity. I was in Jr. High. People were going nuts over this album. Keep in mind MTV was two years young (AND STILL PLAYING MUSIC). Wrapped Around Your Finger, for some reason, was the video and song that had all the chicken heads in my school gushing over.

Then I saw a video of Sting playing the bass and singing, and I said “I want to do that.”

Then I learned I can't sing for shit. And I'm nowhere near as talented as Sting.

But yeah, that's the Band, album, and reason for me taking up the bass.

And then I listened to Rush…
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
Nice Danny, you are a talented musician

Well thank you im sure youre quite the player yourself its not nusual that i see a female bass player that can sing , i mean honestly i envy you i wish i could
i envoy her as well and of course i honor you danny you are a very talented musician
wow so we pretty much have the same beginnings in a way
Iammark was inspired by Sting
Me and danny both RHCP (FLEA YAYYY) ok lol
Lon and i were both military at one point and he was a drummer while i was acoustics in the beginning
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Cream. I was obsessed with Ginger Baker, but Jack Bruce's bass lines hooked me. I am not a singer, not quick enough to drum, but it is like the bass talks to me. I am no where near the competency level of you all, but it is fun and I can relive some classic moments.


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