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Loudlon's Tab Corner!

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I'm really loving the 80's pop tabs Lon is submitting in here. I can't wait to have a crack at Maniac by Michael Sembello! Keep em' coming Lon!
Holy crap! I LOVE this song! I'm gonna have to look up Lon's tab & get playing that ASAP!
did you see Trinidad
Was that a hint Twiggy? Yes I saw it & I will give it a try out at some point but Maniac is my priority!
Yeah, Trinidad was seen! You must be one happy bunny Twiggybass!!!
Berlin - The Metro
Cyndi Lauper - She Bop
Laura Branigan - Gloria
All 80's gems, many thanks for the tabs Lon!
I agree icehouse1. Seeing Laura Branigan's Gloria, have you also seen Lon's tab for Self Control in UG?
Lon, Self Control should be submitted in here too!
No I have not (yet). I'm going to look that up right now. I second the request for Lon to import his own tab into here. Self Control is a classic & should be seen by as many people as possible.
Don't forget the grunge tabs, loads of them to enjoy! Lon has provided us with a nice variety of music.
I agree there has been a nice supply of grungy goodies from Lon. More please!
But more 80's pop too PRETTY PLEASE!

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