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BassLady: Psycho Killer outro?

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BassLady - what do you play for an outro for Psycho Killer? I didn't like anything I found in a tab. The outro is mostly A notes, and what I'm playing is on the A string: 0,12,0,10 (A,A7,A,G and repeat).

The four tabs I looked at also did not have the bridge correct - the last four measures (of 12) were wrong. I have these as E,D,C#,A for the first two bars, then A,G,F#,D for the last two bars. Is that what you play?
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G ———————————
D ———————————
A ———————————
E -5—5—5—5—5—5—5-0-3—

I play the outro the same as the intro. We do it 4 times and then end together.


G ——————————— \
D -4—2—0———————– |
A ————-4—2—0—2—4— |
E ——————————— /
> Twice, then next part of the bridge
G ——————————— \
D -5—4—2—0—5—4—2—0— |
A ——————————— |
E ——————————— /

G ———————————
D —–4-2-0—–4-2-0————-
A ———–0———0———–
E ———————————

G —–4-2-0—–4-2-0————-
D ———–0———0———–
A ———————————
E ———————————

This is the bridge. It works.
Thanks very much, BassLady!

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