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Anyone else experiencing problems?

johnny [staff]
Posts: 736
11 months ago
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I've been receiving some reports along these lines:

“Is there any reason why when I select a tab that I see it for a brief second and the page goes blank”

Can everyone who has a few minutes time try to open the site on their phones or on some other browser that they're currently using, see if this error occurs and report to me!

Thanks a lot, I would really like to fix this but can't replicate the problem.
Posts: 1483
Nothing like that's ever happened to me
Posts: 1207
I have not experienced this problem.

But it is a well-known tactic of the RIAA cyber warfare department.
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 926
I use Opera, and haven't encountered any problems.
Posts: 57
Running Firefox, no problems here.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 736
We figured it out. The problem was on Chrome on a Mac. We fixed it
Posts: 57
We figured it out. The problem was on Chrome on a Mac. We fixed it
Excellent news!!
Posts: 31
bass freak
Posts: 305
Well done johnny, always on the ball
5 string guy
Posts: 710
Sweet. I never had problems in the first place, but Awesome news nonetheless.

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