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Everyone preorder your LoudLon t-shirts!

Linkin – are you saying you're only 14? Because, man, that would explain SO much… Icehouse – YOU'RE having nightmares? I'M the one with a gerbil stuck in his ass (again, completely by accident, I swear)!

Accident? Really? Have you been playing silly games again???
Boy that's gotta hurt! You must have a funny walk LoudLon!!
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LOUDLON! A gerbil, really???? That must have been some accident!
Loudlon, a gerbil in the ass & wanting a piece of the profit pie from Linkin! Fame has gone to his pretty little ROCK STAR head!!!!
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1184
Fame has not gone to my head, and I'll sic my agent on anyone who says so. Don't look me in the eye!
Ok Lon, I'll take yer word for it! Don't worry your eyes will not be looked upon.
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I've got a Jaco Pastorius Tee shirt, I scribbled out ‘Jaco’ and wrote ‘Lon’ in its place, Bosh
I don't believe there's a gerbil in your ass
I agree Linkin, we have yet to see the proof & to be honest I don't want to believe!!!!
LoudLon [moderator]
Posts: 1184
To clarify, there is not a small, furry rodent in my rectum. I'm so full of shit there is literally no room for one up there.

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