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Suzi Quatro's cover of Heartbreak Hotel

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I had a helluva time tabbing out Suzi's cover of Heartbreak Hotel. Partly it was the unusual time signature making it hard to figure out where to put the numbers on the staff, but I had a hard time with some of the notes as well. My first tab of this song was awarded only two stars.

I think I have it correct now. If there are any Suzi Quatro fans here, I would appreciate your checking the tab. Feedback/comments are welcome. Thanks.

Thanks to the person who has checked and rated this tab. Very much appreciated.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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you need help with this bro?
I'm pretty sure I've got it right. I'm asking folks to check it and see.

Thanks for the offer, though. cheers.
johnny [staff]
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congrats on kids of tragedy sid, another great tab
Thanks, Johnny. Hopefully, the requester will find it helpful.
Suzi's material that I have looked at has been fun to play and not difficult - though I don't try to sing and play simultaneously! I am not a huge Suzi fan, but I have always liked her cover of Heartbreak Hotel and the song Tear Me Apart from the Aggrophobia album. I actually have that one on vinyl, bought way back at the dawn of history. Cheers.

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