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if you cant give me love by suzi quatro bass tabs

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Hi does anyone have bass tabs for above song cant find them anywhere on net, thanks
johnny [staff]
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Try messaging DANNYBASSMAN93, i've seen him do all sorts of requests, he's the coolest.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 803
http://www.bigbasstabs.com/profile/4016.html here's the link to his profile
There's a well-reviewed guitar chord tab out there. That should help.
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One of Suzi Qs best songs but I think the bass hasnt been tabbed because the line is so easy, but then its obviously hard for some beginners. I think you should work this one out for yourself seeing as its not too hard,you will gain a lot from the effort
Hey bullet33,
did you ever get a tab for this song? If not, let me know.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 803
I don't think that he did. A lot of people only leave a request on the site and then don't come back. However if his request gets fulfilled he'll get an email from the website automatically.
thanks Johnny. I'll tab it. Today or tomorrow probably. cheers.
Hi sidsquishus, thanks for the tab, people say it's easy but I'm only just starting out with bass but will give it a go thanks bullet33
Nice tab Sid
You're welcome, bullet33. Hope it helps!

Thanks, Softcell62. Cheers.

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