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How did you get into bass playing?

Peter Hook! Joy Division! Blew my mind!
Agreed! Joy Division and the first New Order EP and album were inspiring.
Joy Division were a true inspiration to so many people. Hooky's bass playing truly inspires me!
My uncle lee was in an alice cooper tribute band called malice cooper. they toured a bit and i was a roadie. at the tender age of 14, in the bars hitting on 30 year olds. and winning sometimes too then they got to tour with and meet alice cooper a few times. had a whole band set up in the basement. drums. mic. guitar n bass, amps. i got to play everything but i chose bass because im a punk rocker. and i like the deeper string sound. plus guitar players are a dime a dozen, i like drums but didnt wanna be one of those guys who makes dumb faces when they gotta try really hard
also neil young and propaghandi are from my city, along with comeback kid. most local bands are heavy and metal. not much punk in this city, gotta stay true.
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there are some interesting and humorous stories in here. mine is simple. I am a drummer and the current group of guys I play with cant keep a bass player…the guitarists seem to be chasing them off. so I headed down to the local walmart equivalent of music stores and bought a squire j bass and peavey 40w amp. that was 4 weeks ago. It seemed a natural thing for me to pick up as its rhythm but I had no idea how diverse and fun it can be. not to mention challenging. I drank the cool aide and am on the hunt to get better, get advice and information…so I found this site which seems awesome…and there is no chance of the axe players chasing me off cuz I will kick their asses so I'm it for the long haul…what heck was I waiting for…
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hey slamingerrrrr;

I am a drummer and they way I deal the dumb look on my face when I try real hard is to have that same stupid look all the time…that way no one notices the difference…
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Smashing Pumpkins got me wanting to play guitar so I did for a few months and then I decided that I would play bass because, as slamingerrrrr said above, every tom, joe dick and harry can play guitar. Also the Smashing Pumpkins bassist is female and I idolized her a bit at the time.
Robert Trujillo got me into bass with his funk metal style
Always loved music - all kinds, but never played. When I was 67 I asked my wife for a bass for my birthday. She got me a Mexican Fender (Jazz) bass. Formed a band, Severe Pleasure, with my bass teacher and some good musician friends who tolerate me. At 72 I'm having a great time playing the country club, bars and parties scene. (Still got my day job, though.)

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