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Has anyone ever heard of the brand "Series 10"?

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12 months ago
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I just bought a Series 10 bass about 2 months ago, and I realized that I had never heard of it. Does anyone know if it's an off-brand or an actual company, or what?
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Pretty sure it's part of a company however it doesn't really matter if it's off-brand or “real” if you like it. And technically every guitar has a comapny
Ok, thanks guys.
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They had something to do with the Harmony company from Chicago who used to sell their guitars through the Sears catalogue, Series 10 are now owned by another company but the guitars aren't high end
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Thought you'd have gone for an Aria like Bill Goulds, I loved the tone he got from that bass
5 string guy
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I personally never heard of Series 10, but I'm kinda out of the loop on most stuff, so…………

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