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Basic description of pre amps and what they do

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4 months ago
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So I was reading random stuff about amps and I saw “pre amps” a few times. What are they and what's their purpose? Don't give me some huge, confusing description though
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Basically, any stomp box or FX pedal is a pre amp, the signal goes through a processor before it goes to the Amp. Active guitars and basses have built in pre amps to give extra tone, for instance the MusicMan Stingray Bass comes with 2 or 3 band EQ. The Bass I built has an active pre amp which gives an Overdriven tone when the tone knob is pulled up.
Posts: 532
If you fancy designing your own bass I can build it and only charge for cost and shipping
I'd love to have something like that but ain't got the money

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