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Top British New Wave Basslines

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12 months ago
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Someone did a top ten British Punk Basslines, let's move onto British New Wave and I'm gonna kick things off with Joy Divisions ‘Atmosphere’
And The Cure with ‘Other Voices’,
Elvis Costello and the Attractions, ‘Pump it Up’ Bruce Thomas is the man.
Ian Dury and the Blockheads, ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’.
The Smiths, ‘Barbarism Begins at Home’ Andy Rourke, amazing Bassist
Posts: 1025
I suppose technically you could have Blondie cos their Bassman, Neil Harrison was English
Town called malice the jam
'peaches' by ‘The Stranglers’, best bassline ever, period. And simple
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New Wave people
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nice and sleazy by stranglers

shes lost control by joy division

bass freak
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Oh man Shes Lost Control is Epic!! That said any Joy Division bassline is epic!

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