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Rickenbackers ???

punk bass man
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Whats your opinions on rickenbackers are they over priced ????
I think they are. On the good points I played one and was surprised how good the neck felt that part was really good for me. But I regret the next thought I had was “this thing needs some new pickups” then I thought why would I pay hat much money and be thinking of new pickups before I even left the shop? So it went back on the wall.
Haha why are you worried about ricks anyway? Punk bass man = P Bass haha
Haha cheers yeah i was looking for something totally different than a p bass everyone has one .i even looked at a hofner violin bass .
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Ricks are worth every penny but they negate the Punk ethic, they're over complicated for the three chord trick, try a MusicMan Stingray in black with black scratchplate, very Punk
Posts: 1269
PS, Sid wasn't a bass player, he was a smack head, Glen Matlock played all the Pistols bass lines, even after he was sacked

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