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Gear Vendors to Avoid

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I'm in the midst of a bad experience with a retailer of music gear, and based on my experience, wanted to warn others that they should think twice before ordering anything from this company.

I ordered a GK Fusion 550 bass amp from Spectrum Audio of Maple Valley, Washington, USA. Their price was $70 less than the next best I could find, and their website said it was in stock. The next day, I emailed them requesting a tracking number, as I would need to make arrangements to be able to be home to sign for the package when it was delivered. The next day I received a reply saying that they would get the item from the manufacturer in one more day and ship it out to me right away with a tracking number to follow.

I did get a tracking number which showed the package having been picked up by FedEx and an estimated delivery date. It was not delivered by that date, and the estimated delivery date changed to the subsequent business day. The package again did not materialize. The estimated delivery date provided by FedEx changed to N/A and there it has remained for over a week.

I have been sending increasingly frantic emails to Spectrum Audio's customer service but after getting no replies, I called. It was only after I called that the customer service rep bothered to open and read my email. The customer service rep told me they had contacted FedEx and a trace had been placed on the package to try and find it. Further, she (customer service rep) would be in touch as soon as she learned anything - if I didn't hear from her the next day, I was to contact her again.

I did not hear from her, and we are back to the unanswered email routine. I have now resorted to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and have asked Spectrum Audio to refund my purchase price. No reply from Spectrum Audio (what a surprise!) to this request to date.

I will not attempt to do business with Spectrum Audio (Washington, USA) again. Based on my experience, I cannot recommend this retailer.
johnny [staff]
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sorry to hear this, sid. hope you get your amp or your money back soon.
I usually get my gear in store at Guitar Center. It's the only way I know the Equiptment is going to be handeled and moved proprely because I'm the only person dealing with it.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Dude i always check on ebay or sometimes amazon believe it or not sometimes they have really good gear. What i would recommend you bro is to look up musiciansfriend.com and check their gear.
I did do my research before placing an order with Spectrum Audio - they aren't a little fly-by-night outfit. And the problem was caused by FedEx losing the package. (I think a FedEx employee in a sorting facility stole it.)

Still, were Spectrum Audio my business, I would have looked into it, seen that the package had not been delivered to the customer and that FedEx did not know where the package was, and I would have shipped a replacement, all while keeping the customer informed. I would have initiated a trace and recover effort on the missing package, and if that failed, a claim with FedEx for the value of the package they lost. I would not make the customer bear the consequences of the FedEx screw up. I would want my customers to be return customers. Spectrum Audio and it's customer service has not made me want to be a return customer.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
FEdEx sucks thats why i make sure the postoffice does my shippng if not DHL or UPS
johnny [staff]
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hey sid. so did the situation resolve? did you get compensation for the lost amp?
I had an email just today from Spectrum Audio saying they had credited my purchase price back to my card. I will look at my account to confirm that tomorrow. But it looks like I have finally gotten a refund three weeks after placing the order.

Spectrum did offer to send a replacement but due to a production problem at GK, additional 550s will not ship until 11/15. I hope to find another vendor with it in stock rather than have to wait until Thanksgiving.
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That's a good amp!!! I also run GK, I hope you find what you,re looking for bro!!!
Shame about all the hassle Sid but at least you got your money refunded in the end.
Sorry about the mishap. Good luck on your quest to find the amp.

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