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Editing Tabs Facility

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Just wanted to say I'm really pleased with the addition of the editing facility for submitters of their tabs. I've had to tweak 3 tabs in total so far & it couldn't be easier.

Thanks Big Bass Tabs!
TheDude [staff]
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no problem bassm99, we aim to please.

more cool new features are coming soon.
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Hey bassm99, just wondering what tabs you had to tweak? All your tabs look fine to me.
Posts: 124
Thanks for the compliment icehouse1. I'd like to think my tabs are the best that they can be, but I know that they are not 100% accurate even though I try to make them that way. Sometimes when you go back to them especially after listening to the song again I may notice something different about the song that I failed to first time around.
1] Duran Duran - Secret Oktober, I missed out the ending when submitting the tab.
2] Simple Minds - Boys From Brazil, I added a couple of notes to the first bass pattern. As the bass is buried in the mix on this song It's difficult to really hear what is going on.
3] Simple Minds - 70 Cities, First 3 notes in the chorus are correct but played on the wrong string
Nothing really major but the changes were needed. Thankfully with the editing facility it's really easy to fix niggly errors in my tabs. I know I have a Soft Cell tab to fix at some point but hopefully that is it for a while.
Which Soft Cell tab are you going to edit?
I was wondering that myself softcell62.
Posts: 124
The Soft Cell tab I edited was Seedy Films. You can now see the updated version in here. Hopefully there are no more tweaks required.
Nice edit with Seedy Films!

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