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If you have submitted tabs, please read

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If your tabs included special characters (such as &, > ) it is probably not displaying properly. The right arrow (> ) displays as > for example. The & displays as &.

To correct this, you need to edit your tab. Simply opening the tab in edit mode, then scrolling down and clicking on ‘OK, Go’ will fix the >. To fix the & you will need to delete the extra characters (amp; ) while in edit mode.

I don't know if other characters (~) need to be fixed.
bassfreak, see the ending of your tab of Billy Hunt by The Jam for an example. Cheers.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 741
Hmmm.. this shouldn't be happening. I'll try to fix it automatically, so that submitters will not have to.

edit: I can fix this.. I gotta go right now, but i'll fix it in a couple of hours when I get back, so no cause for alarm
johnny [staff]
Posts: 741
Ok, I got it. I think I fixed it. If there are some more problems, please let me know.
Thanks Johnny. I have only looked at couple of tabs, but Billy Hunt now displays correctly. It looks like you have fixed the issue. Cheers.

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