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A database clean up task for staff

Posts: 1225
This tab of No More Heroes by The Stranglers needs to be deleted as the actual tab info is not there:


What the tab is supposed to be can be seen at:

johnny [staff]
Posts: 740
good find.. this is actually an error with parsing of brackates because of the underline and bold syntax i'll take care of it asap.
Thanks for fixing it, Johnny.
Here's another fix for staff:

bassm99 has submitted a new tab for a Simple Minds song, This Earth That You Walk Upon (ver. 2). Clicking on the link gets a 404 Not Found error message rather than the tab.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 740
thanks man! fixed it! something wrong with versions and urls
I can confirm the error has been fixed, got to look at bassm99's Simple Minds tab without any problem.
Thanks Johnny. Thanks icehouse1.

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