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Problems With Emailing/contacting

Posts: 98
12 months ago
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Hey all, just wondering if any of you have had any problems with emailing Johnny. I need to correct a submitted tab and I've emailed him twice about it. Both times I have received a notice from Yahoo saying that Big Bass Tabs could not receive my email, for what reason I do not remember. I would appreciate any comments regarding the failure to send a successful email. Thanks!
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 223

we've recently moved our servers, it's possible there is something wrong with the mailing system. let me check it out and get back to you in about an hour.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 223
there you go, all fixed. sorry about the problem, but it seems to be working fine now.
Thanks man, I appreciate how prompt you guys are about fixing issues
Still not sure if Johnny's receiving my emails…would you mind sending me an email so I can see if it's something on my end that is the problem?
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 223
Johnny is on vacation, maybe that's the problem. he should be back in a couple of days.

i sent you an email.

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