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Excellent tabs bass freak!

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You have added some excellent alternative bass tabs to the site, nice work. Anything by Siouxsie is always welcome!
PS. Will you ever reach the dizzy heights of 200 plus bass tabs on here as Sid will be doing very soon?
Thanks softcell62, glad you like them. It's nice to get the alternative side of things shown on here. Sioxsie is cool, love her songs, almost as much as PIL amongst others.
I'm not looking to make a competition out of it, I'll leave that to others. I'm happy just to contribute some tabs to the site & help it grow. Sid has done all the hard work as he tabs what he submits, I don't so my submissions are a lot easier to do. Thanks for the positive feedback.
Your welcome! Even so thanks for finding the tabs & taking the time. Hopefully you'll at least get to 100
I'll do my best! I have a few tabs pending so that should get me closer once they have been approved.
You've done 88 so far, well done!
Up to 96 tabs bass freak! Only 4 more to the magic 100! Oh by the way nice to see tabs by The Style Council but wouldn't have thought that was your thing
Hahaha! I know what you mean. I really like The Jam & so when Paul formed The Style Council I checked them out & got the records. Loved their earlier stuff like Long Hot Summer which is a classic. After a couple of years I did lose interest. Still have a soft spot for them.
I liked their earlier songs & then they went very boring. Paul seemed to have lost the plot, or so I thought at the time. Love Long Hot Summer, perfect to play right now with all this heat we are having!
See you've submitted some Verve tabs which is cool. I like some of their stuff.
johnny [staff]
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hey bass freak..

concerning your life's an ocean tab by the verve.. can you please add dashes to it so it looks like this:


Done for you Johnny.

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