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Siouxsie And The Banshees

bass freak
Posts: 305
10 months ago
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I am Spellbound by their brilliance!
Posts: 381
I LOVE a little bit of Siouxsie every now and again
Posts: 229
I requested bass tabs for 4 songs & you have all 4 tabs pending, how cool is that!
bass freak
Posts: 305
I'm glad I was able to help but I think it was a happy coincidence. I hope you enjoy them.
I don't love everything they have done but they are a good band & Siouxsie is a sight to behold on stage!
Posts: 536
Love the Banshees, especially the very early stuff, Hong Kong Garden, Happy House etc. Siouxsie and Steve Severin were at the infamous Sex Pistols ‘Grundy’ interview
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I have a lot of respect for Siouxsie. I don't know a lot but what i've heard i've really liked.

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