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Public Image Limited

bass freak
Posts: 305
On a real PIL kick at the moment. The first 2 albums especially Metal Box are just so out there & inspiring as they were in the late 70's. Albums by an artist way ahead of their time! Lydon/Rotten is a legend but so to is Jah Wobble on bass. Majestic!!
I hope this means you're working on PIL tabs! Cheers.
Metal Box is awesome! Love that album! I see you have loads of tabs pending so looking forward to seeing them on the site very soon.
you are correct icehouse1.
Metal Box is genius. Something I probably shouldn't like, but I do soooooooooo much! Also This is not a Love Song! Wonderful
They just get under your skin, but in a very good way!
Now you can find a bunch of tabs to Pil on this very site! Rise which I like is still pending to hopefully it gets added soon.
It's nice to get the PIL tabs up on the site, they need to be enjoyed by everybody. Hopefully Rise will be added soon enough.
Funny your tab for Rise has still not been accepted, I wonder why?
I have no idea why Rise is still at the pending stage. All the others were accepted without any problems. Maybe Johnny might have the answer on this?
johnny [staff]
Posts: 715
It's on now. I missed it because there was some spam submitted before and after it by someone else.

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