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bachata music on bass

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im a beginner. bachata music sounds very complex on bass. does it sound like this to me because of my inexperience or is it challenging music to play on bass?
sorry. I don't even know what bachata music is. I live in a very deep hole on a very remote island in a very big ocean.
johnny [staff]
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can you give an example of bachata music?
its latin music. u probably won't like the music but u can definitely appreciate the bass. youtube bachata- alot of songs will appear.
I had a listen (using YouTube) to your requested song. Some parts would not be difficult to play - similar to country & western. Other parts are more difficult and jazzy. Interesting style of music!
thanx for your input. very interesting… I'm having a hard time finding tabs anywhere for this style of music. if u decide to put some up it would be great. thanx again…
I will keep the Romeo Santos - llevame contigo on my list of songs to consider tabbing. Unfortunately, the list grows longer faster than I can tab songs, so many good songs do not get tabbed. But I will keep it in mind. Maybe I will have time to tab it.
You really can't tab salsa, bachata and merengue. It's really all about the rhythm of the song. I mean technically you can tab it, but it's just plain rhythm. Hard to explain, similar to reggae. Find the key it is in then just play around with those notes.
Hi MannyIII, I agree…and disagree. Certainly rhythm can be expressed in music notation. And it can also be expressed, though less well, in tablature.

I divide my tabs into measures, the same way notation is divided into measures. Usually I use eight dashes in a measure (each dash corresponding to an eighth note, or a count of 1&2&&4& though some songs need 16 dashes (equals 16th notes) and some in other timings (3/4 for example) need 6 dashes (1&2&&. This type of construction allows rhythm/timing to be conveyed in the same way (more or less) as notation does.

Unfortunately, when tabs are uploaded to Big Bass Tabs, the formatting is changed and the dashes converted to unbroken lines, so the timing info conveyed by the dashes is lost. Sometimes there are marks in the tab to indicate the beat, and that helps.

I agree that it is easiest to learn the rhythm of a song by listening to it rather than trying to get that info from a tab - and many tabs do not convey any timing/rhythm info. Cheers.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Actually guys i beg to differ ive actually had some time to teach bachata merengue and salsa here in the island it can be tabbed and it isnt as difficult as people see it. Im sure i can lend a hand to any new bass players out there looking to learn the basics and steps
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
I posted the tabs on how to play basics and riffs hope this helps

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