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New Order - Movement

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I played this album during the week, forgot how good an album it still is. The album that was post Joy Division & before they became the New Order we know & love today!
Love this album, probably the one I like the most as it's the nearest album that sounded like Joy Division. I'd love the band to get back to this sound for an album reunion.
Love New Order. I do like this album but for me the follow up was better along with the Blue Monday 12" I was in electro heaven back in the 80's.
Ahhhh Blue Monday on 12". 80's classic!!
My preferences ran opposite to those of softcell62: I was greatly dismayed by the demise of Joy Division, but my grief diminished when the first New Order EP (with Ceremony and In A Lonely Place) came out, followed by the brilliant Movement. The New Order I have heard since I have not liked nearly as well. To each their own!
I was never a huge new order fan.. or a 80`s electro fan. sounded robotic to me. however i did like joy division quite a lot. i suppose when i heard movement i was impressed i will admit.
Ex-wife used to call it college boy music. Still love it! Check a great tune by them called Age of Consent.

Power, Corruption & Lies is an excellent album too!
Like most, Blue Monday is the song! Still have the 12" at home. Love all their music but Power, Corruption & Lies is my fave! Movement is good too!
Today is the perfect day to play Blue Monday.
Too true, I'll be playing it later on the way home from work. Got a CDR of P, C & L in the car & have Blue Monday as part of the bonus tracks I added. Monday Bliss tonight!

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