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so uh......

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i represent the law office of corona and chalmers….. i recently started a petition to my legislative assembly to review child care laws. and to fire our prime minister…. and today i got charged with treason, out on 10,000 bail. they want 15 - 20 years. ugh. any thoughts?
wrong forum; no relevant expertise here most likely
haha, good ol sid. im sure ive got this… freedom of speach and all. i just found it messed up.. and see thats why i need to be allowed to swear.. i didnt wanna say messed.
Missed the point regarding a bass tab.
johnny [staff]
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I would play some blues if I were you. That's pretty much all I can think of.
No offense meant, slamingerrrrr, so sorry if my earlier post was not to your liking. But I know, through personal experience, that you are very unlikely to get anything helpful to the situation you describe from this bass-focused forum and community.

I had a scrape some years back, and sought assistance and advice in a forum I had been participating in - and the forum was directly related to my issue. A few best wishes, and some piss in my eye from the arseholes was what I got from it.

If you really need legal assistance, contact a lawyer or public defender. No one here has the expertise to be of assistance to you.
lol i was just venting man… i am a law student im good
also in my defense i do not drink. and my friends fed me a lot of booze last night. so i was pretty drunkenly rambling. sorry lol
johnny [staff]
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happens to the best of us

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