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Pick it... or Give 'em the Finger?

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Being a Chris Squire fan I learned to play with a pick more than with my fingers. Picks I use are stone picks, all different shapes and sizes.

A few years ago I got called out by a real good blues drummer and he messed up my world. I had to get back to the basics and build up those picking fingers. Now I am fully armed - Pick It or Give 'em the Finger! Thoughts…
Pick all the way! Peter Hook is the way & the light!!!
I started playing using a pick exclusively. Eventually the band folded and I put the bass down. When I started playing again, fingers felt and sounded better than using a pick. So now it is almost exclusively finger style. Sometimes I'll use a pick if the tempo is really fast, but I don't like the sound. I have to fiddle with all the tone controls if I use a pick.
I prefer to use a pick as the music I mostly like the bass is played with picks. Not really that fond of finger playing though I do dabble.
for me it depends on the song…. if i play say bath of least resistance by nofx i use a pick, if i play pinball wizard by the who or something, fingers. if i play primus, THUMB! lol
I use a pick mostly due to a lack of ability when using my fingers.
i can do both but i do find a pick easier most times. not gonna lie. however a thumb bashing sometimes is funnnnnn
I use a pick mostly due to a lack of ability when using my fingers.

Funny but that is exactly how I feel when I try to use a pick! I need to put in some practice time using a pick if I want to overcome that “lack of ability.”
I'm with Icehouse1, I use the pick mostly as it suits my playing ability. I wish I had the flair to play with my fingers but it's not that good sadly.
Thanks for all the replies, some real good comments. For me it was always easier learning to play with a pick. Lately I needed to learn and build the strength for finger picking. It is as Slamingerrrrrr put it, certain songs need a certain style to play the song correctly. And of course how can we forget the Thumb! Rock On My Fellow Bassists!!!

i will. remember, strength before dishonor

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