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How long does it take to make a bass tab of the avg sized song?

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Just curious of how long it takes to make a bass tab of a 4-5 minute long song with light, medium, or heavy bass.
I'd say it totally depends on the complexity of the bassline and the intent of the person doing the tabbing.

The quickest I have tabbed a song has been a couple of hours, the longest several weeks of having to figure out the notes measure by measure. Then there are some songs that are way too difficult and I don't bother even trying to tab. Too hard for me.
What Sid said!
God Bless you Tabbers! Still amazed in how simplistic than trying to read music; and it makes so much sense. Had this been around when I first started out… Expecting great things from you new Bass Players!

i get off lucky in the sense that i can read sheet music. do not require tabs… some people on here request tracks where i can find sheet music. but no tabs. in that case 30 - 60 mins. to make my own tab…. wow lol that could take a long long long time depending on the song.. doing my own decline by nofx tab took about a month. but its an 18 min bass intense song so..
I would think it depends on the difficulty of the song & how complex the bassline is.

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