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Practicing away from home

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Hey guys, I work in a factory from 6pm to 40am daily, and I don't find the time to practice as often as I would like between homework, family, and work (Sometimes, barely even once a week!).

I thought about getting a shredneck just to practice fundamentals, but I don't know if it's worth the money. I'd like to take my bass to work, but I'm pretty sure that Chrysler won't be happy with that. I wish there was something relatively compact and unnoticeable, but I can't seem to find anything.

Does anyone have any ideas or opinions on how they managed to practice away from home, or with such major time constraints?
johnny [staff]
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It's really tough not finding enough time to practice.

This is a trick that I use a lot when I commute to work: I just visualize myself playing in great detail (e.g. I visualize myself playing a part that has been giving me problems very vividly). When I come home and pick up my instrument I find that I can play it much easier.
I appreciate the help Johnny. When I'm away, I usually study some theory, or listen to songs and try to improve by ear training. I can never seem to shake the urge to pick up my bass though, haha. I'll try the visualization method too. Anything to help me improve.
Something along the lines of what Johnny has suggested would be to visualize playing the major and minor fretting patterns in different keys.

I also wondered if a ukulele might work. No idea if it would but it is a small four-stringed instrument. Maybe not small enough…
Good luck!

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