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Ray Manzarek R.I.P.

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11 months ago
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Very sad news that Ray Manzarek the keyboard player from The Doors has passed away. The Doors were one of the biggest Rock bands in the 60's & their legend grew as each decade passed. While Jim was the iconic frontman & pinup for many, the 3 guys behind him were such talented musicians. Hear that classic sound of “Light My Fire” from Ray's keyboard, one of Rock's brightest moments. Hopefully Ray & Jim will now be jamming on the other side!
johnny [staff]
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The keyboard solo on “Light My Fire” really is one of the most iconic keyboard solos of all time in my opinion.

on a side note: With all these rock legends dying, these forums will soon turn into obituaries.
TheDude [staff]
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yeah i don't like this trend of everyone dying.
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I hope this is it for a while with such legends passing away. I'd rather talk bass than death on here!
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I also was saddened to hear of Ray's death. He made some incredible contributions through his music. While I do like The Doors generally, it was Ray's embracing the LA punk band X that first made me sit up and give the man a nod of respect. He produced and played on their first album (Los Angeles). His keyboard work on Nausea makes the song - takes it from good into absolutely capturing the emotion. I will think of Ray every time I listen to Nausea.
Ray wrote some great basslines with the Doors and was an amazing musician handling the Fender Keyboard Bass with his left hand and simultaneously playing electric piano/organ with his right. In my opinion, Ray was one of the top keyboard players in the history of the rock/blues genre. RIP
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Bit late with this but a very sad loss for music, RIP Ray

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