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How can i print a tap?

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11 months ago
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Hello everybody,

just one short question: how can i print a tab?
Control+P dosen't work well and Word destory the tab formatting.

LoudLon [moderator]
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If you're using Windows, left click and drag over the tab to highlight it. Copy and paste into Notepad (make sure word wrap is off). Print a page of the tab; if the tab is too wide for the page, change the font size until it fits, then print.

Easy peasy.
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I paste into Word, reset the font to Courier New, at 10 points, and see how it looks. If I can increase the font size I will, and if it needs some tweaking to fit the page better I'll do that as well: changing margins, adjusting page breaks, even switching to landscape orientation if the lines are very long, things like that. It takes 2-3 minutes but makes the printout much easier to use.
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Windows 10, I right click and drag over tab to highlight it, then click the 3 dots on the top right of screen to open print menu. Check print page numbers to avoid printing off pages that are not needed. Print. However if you are printing taps, I have no idea
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Go to Ultimate Guitar Tabs, open the tab you want then click on the printer icon at the top of the page

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Turn off water at stop tap, using an adjustable wrench first undo the conex nut then undo the nut holding the tap to the sink. Next,buy yourself a Hydrographic Printing kit, follow the instructions then slowly lower the tap into the tank so as to evenly coat the tap with print medium

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