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Jeordie White

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Does Jeordie always use a pick ? he sounds like he may use fingers at times but I cant find a single video of him without a pick
I've never seen him use his fingers.
Twiggy is one of my bass heroes, (My name).
He plays both. Fingers on dope show and coma white but he mostly plays with a pick.
Manson's slow songs as mostly played with his fingers.
Look at the video for Dope show, he does play with his fingers. I'm interviewing him next month on the radio station i work for.
That's just a video…He's not really playing. He uses a pick live.
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Who is he?
Posts: 98
@Marko he was Mansons writing partner and mostly the genius behind Marilyn Manson. And of course played bass. Some bad ass baselines

@ Twiggy ask about a reunion and about the pick. Ive seen Manson quite a few times. the GG&G tour ranks up there with 2 nights of Zepplin in 74-75 Plug the radio station so i can listen

Twiggy plays with a pick but there is a few times where he has played with his fingers for slow songs. The radio station is CHSR in Canada. Once I finish the interview I can upload it here if people want to here it.
Him and Nikki Sixx are my heores
I saw him in 1997 and he played with both on Coma White

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