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Any more Andy Taylor?

Shhhh but I do like Duran Duran (sometimes). Really admire Andy for getting away & trying to do his own thing. Really like the Thunder album even though I normally hate that mid 80's hair band stuff. Having Steve Jones involved maybe helped a little. Good bass tabs from this album, really enjoyed them.
PS. That John Taylor track also rocks though I prefer the Neurotic Outsiders version. Steve Jones & the G'N'R boys help make that so much better than his own version.
I think most guys who liked Duran Duran during the 80's got some sort of flack for doing so.
Any Pistol loving fan that hated Duran Duran got a big shock when Jonsey worked with John & Andy, blew their credibility out of the water!
Andy's Dangerous album is excellent, the sound is incredible.
Cheers to out-growing knee-jerk bigotry, of all kinds.
Maybe not as bad but I used to get mocked for liking Joy Division/Echo & The Bunnymen/The Cure etc. People thought it was all miserable doom & gloom, music to hang yourself to. I used to think it was funny. I'm sure you major Duranies got it a lot worse!
I do like Andy's Dangerous album. As you say the sound is incredible, his production is flawless. Not keen on all the covers, but it's still a good album.
Personally you can't beat The Power Station album, that really is a top album.
Think yourselves lucky Duranies, try growing up being a Soft Cell fan during the 80's. I think whatever music you like there are some redundant thinking people out there who will make fun of it because it's different.
Bass freak I love Joy Division, The Bunnymen & The Cure & I even adore The Smiths. I just Love music from the 80's!
I Love that Power Station album, it really gave a chance for Andy to let rip & shine in the spotlight he so richly deserves!
I think once Andy did Power Station he couldn't really go back to Duran Duran. He unleashed the beast within & couldn't give that up.
The Power Station album ROCKS!!!!!
i can say i do not like duran duran much… i do however have respect for the things they accomplished.
Indeed they do DDF!
Big respect to Duran Duran! Love The Power Station too. Andy Taylor ROCKS!!!! Enjoying his bass tabs.

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