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Michael Dempsey (The Cure/Associates/The Lotus Eaters)

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There seems to be a lack of bass tabs by Michael Dempsey. He played on the first album by The Cure then went on to play for Associates & then The Lotus Eaters. I find his bass playing very appealing but very complicated to my ears. Anyone know of any tabs out there?
There are lots of Cure tabs out there to check out but I don't think there is any for the other two bands you mention.
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I really like Michael Dempsey's bass playing especially during his time with Associates & The Lotus Eaters.
There doesn't seem to be any tabs out there other than what he did with the Cure as mentioned by Icehouse1.
Maybe one day when I feel confident enough I may give one of his basslines a go. I agree Softcell62 his basslines are quite complex & very fast, “Club Country” springs to mind a an example.
Very unique bass player who deserves more credit than he receives!
I share your sentiment Duran Duran Fan!!!
Good bass player, very under appreciated. I like his playing.

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