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I am a guitarist who had picked up bass in late March. During the time since then i learnt different styles of playing bass such as picking, plucking and tapping. I though i had learned to slap bass by simply playing octaves in which my thumb plucks a string and index finger pops the other. I recently figured out this was not the case and that you actually had to slap the string with your thumb parallel to the string. I then tried this on open strings but it didn't make any sound as i fretted the strings. If you can help me with how to slap your thumb it would be very much appreciated, also had attached picture of bass if it might help
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The parallel thing ain't necessarily so, many players have different styles. Put your right hand in the thumbs up position, now quickly pivot from the wrist, practise this until it feels right. Now strap on your bass and plug it in, a compressor pedal is essential when slapping, as it cuts out all the extraneous noise. Hit the string sharply just past the end of the fingerboard then damp with your left hand. Now slap the open E and ‘Pop’ the A string while fretting it at the 7th fret (E), put your index finger under it and let it go, so it pops against the fingerboard. Try learning ‘Take the Power Back’ by Rage Against the Machine, it's very easy
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You've conquered the other styles after picking up the bass in March?!!?!

Thank you, the thumb up technique had worked, and heard that extra noise you had mentioned, i'll look into getting that pedal. Also IamMark, i guess you can say i have a lot of free time on my hand senior year to practice.

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