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Suggest me some songs to learn! Please

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Groovy, funky, rock anything! Intermediate to advanced maybe? Thanks to those who will reply!
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How about this:


I tabbed it out as it was requested and I liked the song. You can listen to to the song on YouTube.

Someone doesn't like the tab, however, giving it a one star rating. If you do have a go at this song, please rate the tab.
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Call Me - Blondie
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100,000 years - KISS
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Uniform by Icehouse. Tab available on this site. So easy to play even I can do it
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Nice and Sleazy by The Stranglers (JJ Burnell). Kix Azz
Hello, goodbye

Paperback writer

She's so heavy

All by the Beatles

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I'm a rookie and these are all different diverse and gave ne a shot at different styles and new skills to learn. Some more challenging than others for a newb.

Tabs for all these songs are on the site….

Enter Sandman

Have You Ever Seen the Rain


He Ain't heavy he's my brother


Take it Easy

Tequila Sunrise

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