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Do you submit your tabs to other sites?

I check everywhere for tabs! I'm a tab site slut!!!
I used to spend inordinate amounts of time searching every tab site I could find (I have about 15 bookmarked) for a song. Yes..I admit it…I too was a tab site junkie. It wasted so much time that now I check here, then at 911tabs, and if no tab, I just tab it (if it is within my shallow range of ability)!
You can get carried away checking every site going. It really depends on the songs you are searching for.
I think everyone can be a tab slut at some point
In the end I think you just stick to your favourite sites.
nah.. i am a sheet music slut. usually easier to find too lol
Where do you find your sheet music, slamingerrrrr? I have three sites (musicnotes.com, sheetmusicdirect.com, for example) bookmarked, but they limit you to the first page unless you buy. I can't afford to buy all the things to be tabbed.

And I agree with slamingerrrrrr that sheet music is a better source of accurate song info than are most tabs, though there some tabs that are correct and complete. And I salute those who wrote these tabs for all their work.
It's a shame sheet music is not more readily available online for free as tabs are. That is why there are lots of tabs sites for us to check out.
Amen to all those lovely tab sites!
johnny [staff]
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Sheet music is harder to write, because you usually need specialized software (e.g. Lilypond or something similar) to write it. Sheet music can often be purchased in book shops and it's prohibited by copyright law to scan them and publish them on the web.
Even though I'm a guitar tab site slut & will use anyone of them when needed, I do find most very frustrating & messy to use. I still like Ultimate Guitar, it looks good to me, but this site is so easy & friendly to use it's by far the best out there on the net.

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