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Suggestions to improve the site

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Johnny, Dude,
BassMasta had a few features that you might want to consider adding to this site:

Ability to send PMs from one member to another, which would require a way to search for members.

A way to search for all the tabs submitted by a specific member.

TheDude [staff]
Posts: 223
ask and you shall receive!

working on it, should be done in a couple of days.
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Yeah I agree with Sidsquishus that'd be awesome if you could send messages to members and to search for tabs written by a specific member …Thanks!
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 223
ok chaps, you now have a new button in the menu, “Users”. the users page has the two top 10 lists and the search option.

the private messages part got a bit more tricky than expected, so it might take a little while before it's done… but i am working on it.

if you find any glitches in the site, please let me know.

EDIT: oh and if the search on the users page doesn't have a green button, you need to refresh the site (try Ctrl + F5), because some changes in styles and javascript code get cached in your browser.
johnny [staff]
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Also, tabs now have a link to the user who submitted them so that you can browse other tabs by that user.
How about adding a favorites icon so you can save and recall your favorite tabs
I would like to see some of the formatting options that are above this “Reply to this thread” available when submitting tabs. In my tabs, I distinguish between fret 1 played twice and fret eleven by underlining the double digit fret numbers. That formatting disappears when I upload tabs.

You might also consider allowing a tab submitter to edit (and maybe delete) a tab once added to the tabs database. I would fix a minor error in one of mine if I could do this.

But even without these, this is a great site and the closest thing to BassMasta that I have found. Thanks Johnny and TheDude for all you have done.

johnny [staff]
Posts: 559
Formatting in tabs is a bit tricky, but we'll do it. We're also working on “favoriting” bass tabs and editing accepted submissions.

thanks for the comments
Hey Johnny, Hey TheDude,
I just had another idea - haven't given it much thought so it might not be worth much - but here it is:

When someone submits a request for a bass tab, it might be helpful if there were a way to indicate that someone was working on that tab - maybe a ‘Working On It’ button a person could click on. That way, the person making the request would know that it was receiving some attention, and they should keep checking for the tab to show up. Also, if I (or you or… knew that someone was working on a particular request, then we wouldn't waste time on redundant efforts.

If this were implemented, there should probably also be buttons for completion (It's done - check the New Tabs section) as well as a ‘we gave up’ button for when a project gets abandoned rather than finished.

I don't know - lots of potential problems here, especially with abandoned efforts, but a thought.
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 223
all right so we now enabled favorites. just click on the “Add to favorites” link when you're reading a tab you want to save. if you want to check out your favorites, you can do it in your profile page. and please, if you notice any bugs, let us know.

by the way, we'll be redesigning the profile page a little bit so it isn't such a mess anymore… as soon as we get hold of our designer. he's an elusive bastard, that guy.

sid, that last idea is pretty interesting. let me think about it, i'm sure there are ways to solve the problems you pointed out.
i think the search should be recoded to search whole site instead of the current system

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