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What inspired you to tab?

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I was wondering what inspired all you tabbers out there? What's your motivation to continually provide us with such wonderful bass tabs? What's your story?

Tab the song for me and I'll give you …

I couldn't resist. He was an alter boy.
Well I don't tab because I enjoy it, I tab to get on the board. Lol I probably won't even submit tabs anymore because I rarely play bass now
Posts: 91
HAhahaha Sid! I was hoping for a bit more detail in your answer but your response was enjoyable all the same
Seems a shame you don't enjoy tabbing linkin.
Thank you both for your answers.
I was hoping LoudLon or bassm99 might chip in with a response.
Eh I enjoy it occasionally, just not when it takes 3 hours
LoudLon [moderator]
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No big revelations on my part; I figure if I'm going to sit down and learn a song note-by-note, I may as well write it down and share it with anyone else who might be interested in learning it. Besides, I enjoy tabbing. Breaking a song down into individual notes and cataloging them onto a specialized grid appeals to my analytical nature.

That last line may read like sarcasm, but it isn't. I'm very analytical. Often annoyingly so.
Posts: 91
I fully understand linkin. I look at certain tabs & the work that must have gone into them is truly mind boggling.

Thanks for the response Lon, it's a good honest answer. I like others on here are so pleased you still want to tab. It's also really good that you enjoy doing it & I don't read your last line as sarcasm. You are obviously an inteligent man & if you can please the analytical side of yourself then kudos to you

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