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Bronski Beat

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Hey bassm99, love the Bronski tabs you submitted
Love a bit of Bronski Beat. I'll need to go and check the tabs out.
Never thought I'd see bass tabs for this band, many thanks.
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Nice tabs Not heard these songs in quite a while, nice to be reminded of how good they are!
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Thanks guys, glad you like. I was surprised at the lack of Bronski Beat tabs online bar Smalltown Boy, so I thought I would give them a go.
Glad that you did I really like their “The Age Of Consent” album. Great tabs by the way.
It baffles me that there is a lack of tabs for certain bands. Bronski Beat is one of those bands. They had 3 huge singles & you would think there would be tabs for all of them, even if it was just for chords. Nice to finally see some bass tabs. I hope basm99 is inspired to do more!
It was the same situation with Soft Cell a few Months back, but bassm99 went on a mission to tab quite a few of their songs. Maybe he'll do the same for Bronski Beat.
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I see there are quite a few Soft Cell tabs to look at, so It would be nice to see more Bronski Beat tabs added as that debut album was wonderful & I'd love to play along to it.
Need A Man Blues, need I say more!
Need A Man Blues was such an epic song & very important to me growing up, as was The Age Of Consent album. I would welcome more tabs from the album too
I hear ya Softcell62 but possibly for different reasons

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