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Gary Numan — Cars bass tabs

Gary Numan — Cars
AWESOME song, listening to it one day boppin' me head
and thought "In by the Platforms of Botsy, That bass line must be PLAYED!"
SO HERE IT IS, MOTHALICKAS! My first tab, and what better way to
start than with some oldies lol.
Tuning: EADG
Tabbed by: Sambo (beckinghamcooks@hotmail.com)
Difficulty: Beginner
() — Numbers inside brackets are ghost notes. I use ghost notes like
"Optional notes" if you will, ones that aren't necessary but make the
bassline sound a hell of a lot cooler (yet sometimes more complex).
The timing is kind of illustrated here, I assume you know the song well or
have it available for reference listening, so you can nail the timing.
Note: Unlike a lot of musicians I still remember what it's like to be
a beginner and what you need to help you learn, so there will be some
tips on how to play some sections of the song.
Synth time!
Main riff

E|—————3—5—(5)—(5)(5)—| x 4

E|—0—h3———3——0—h3———3—| x 1
Play this twice, then

E|——————| Do this (QUICKLY, and in time, of course) as you go into the
Chorus. Then just repeat the main riff twice again.
Bounce time!

{B} 1 2 1

G|——————————————————————————————————————| The bit in is played really fast.
D|————12———————————————————|——————12|———| the 1 2 1 above it is your fingers
A|———————12——141514————————|10—12———|———| to use (index is 1, middle is 2)
E|—10———————————————10—10———————————————| for all you players like me who
use fingers. Also I bar the 12 to
hit both the notes without having
awkward hand positions.
Play {A} again

Now you know all the parts, blast yourself/audience back to the 70's/80's
Well, My first tab is done.
So, this is my first tab. It's correct as far as I can hear, But any
suggestions/corrections would be greatly appreciated. (I'm only 16 with a years
and tabbed this song in 4 minutes at 12:30 AM! So there has GOT to be a mistake somewhere lol)
— sambo (beckinghamcooks@hotmail.com)
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