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Duran Duran

I had my original message edited, I wonder what I wrote that was so wrong?
I don't think Duran Duran fans are easily offended but the thread though misunderstood with your intention just came across as a little insensitive to a lot of people in here.
You could ask the same question about any band that has over 400 messages dedicated to them. at the end of the day regardless of the band or tastes, every tab & message in here is valuable for all the community & to all those outside that choose to visit.
I hope this thread continues for another 400 + messages!
Hopefully the anger has died down & we can all get back to enjoying the site & appreciating what everyone does.
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I read the earlier responses to this thread & yes I think Gerr's answer was over the top & not the kind of language we want used in this community.
Hopefully that will be the end of it.
As for lovetheeighties I can't really remember you using bad language or being offensive in your original response that would require an edit from the staff, but boy you must have said something juicy!!!!
johnny [staff]
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Hey guys, I propose that we move all duran duran discussion to the original thread.

Here's the link:



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